Master’s project

Art Direction
Graphic Designer


Meet Shaping. My final project for a Master’s Degree in Postgrafica with the amazings wearemucho
The purpose of Shaping is to offer a different lifestyle where consumption and care for the environment is our priority in order to preserve the place where we live. What do we propose? An app that through IA of edge detection applied in the phone’s camera helps us to detect the product we are shooting:

– What is your carbon footprint

– What products alternatives do we have

– And where to buy them near me.

With all this we get transparent information about the elaboration of the products and what alternatives we have. We avoid the single-use ones and go more for bulk trends and products with less impact. Apart from betting on local commerce. 


What would happen in a world without waste?

A world where people know the weight of their actions.
Their good, bad, and absent actions.
A place where we were aware of the footprint we left.

What would happen in a world where the news was that there are more and more forests, less danger and more purity?
A world in which we would not lose anything of what surrounds us, what we are passionate about… Or our optimistic vision of humanity.
A world in which we were sustainable, worked in community and knew that we would not lose the battle against climate change.

If there were such a world… Would you join?

In the approach of the identity and taking into account the concept. The symbol is developed from the concept:

Conscience. We know the world in which we live and we want to preserve it.

Reusing and transforming our old habits into healthier ones

and doing so with optimism to bring about change.

The different symbols talk about topics like:

De-forestation, Marine over-exploitation, Nature, Local stores and Water wastage

Motion By Álvaro Mateo


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